Suggested Rides

Looking for a good rides in Hawaii? We can make a few suggestions. There’s no bike maps for Kona, so this page is your resource for good bike rides in Kona. Riding in Kona is awesome! You never know, when you may see your favorite superstar athletes!

Flat Rides

Honu Route
Ironman Honu 70.3 Bike Course
The 56 mile course of the Honu 1/2 Ironman. This is more or less half of the Ironman World Championship route. Hot and windy.
Ironman Route
Kona Ironman Bike Course

Ironman World Championship course from Kailua to Hawi and back. If you like long rides in the heat and wind, this is your ride.

These routes are best ridden early in the morning before the heat and wind pick up (unless of course you’re looking for the “Ironman experience”). From Kawaihae to Hawi the winds can get very high in the afternoon.

Mountain Climbs

Mauna Loa
Mauna Loa Climb
Gradual 17.5 mile climb up to the Mauna Loa observatory (11,000 ft).
Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea Climb
7 mile grinder climb up Mauna Kea (9,200 ft).

These are very large mountains (largest in the world). It’s not always sunshine and rainbows up there. We highly recommend you check the weather report before you go. It’s also a good idea to have support as there is no services. Mauna Loa WeatherMauna Kea Weather

Scenic Rides

Down South
Honaunau Scenic Ride
The most lush ride in the list. Pedal around the green part of West Hawaii. Lots of vegetation including coconut, mango, banana, and guava trees. Snorkel the famous “2 Step” afterward.
Kawaihae Over Kohalas
A little bit of everything. Experience the heat and wind of Kawaihae, the lushness of Hawi, green meadows and desolate hills of cacti of the Kohalas, and Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) country of Waimea.
Cycling Old Mamalahoa Hwy Hawaii
Old Mamalahoa Highway
Low traffic & gentle climbs through the panoramic hills of the Hamakua coast send you down and back to the legendary Waipio Valley, location of the 1995 blockbuster movie Waterworld. Considered one of the nicest rides in Hawaii (or the world by Lance Armstrong)!

Ride at your own risk

Cycling has many dangers.  Not everyone will be comfortable riding these routes. Some routes have very steep grades, narrow or non-existant shoulders, and rough roadway sections. Traffic and weather conditions (extreme heat, wind, rain) change in Hawaii very quickly! Ride smart and obey the rules of the road.

If you’d rather have a guide and vehicle support, maybe you’re interested in a private cycling tour?

Cycle Station, it’s affiliates, or employees, claim no responsibility for the safety or accuracy of these routes. You are responsible for being in sufficient good health to undertake the routes and to prepare by studying the map, and for bringing appropriate clothing and equipment.