Casual Rider?

If you’re simply looking to get some wind in your hair, some sun on your skin and a little blood pumping, we offer the Trek FX models for casual cruising. The light weight aluminum frame, stable handling and plush ride will have you cruising in comfort. We have full size runs of both Men’s & Women’s models, so we’re sure to find you a good fit.

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Prices start at $20 for a 24 hour rental.

Hybrid / Comfort Bikes $20.00 1 Day $17.50 2-4 Days $15.00 5-7 Days $10.00 8+ Days

Recreational Cyclist?

Road bike rentals

Experience the raw beauty of Kona’s lava landscapes and warm sunshine from the seat of a bike. For those of you who aspire to ride part of (or the whole) IRONMAN course we can help you fulfill this dream. We have a wide variety of road bikes for rent. Triathlon bikes too. Many of our bikes have “endurance” geometry to further improve your comfort.

Please call so we can choose the best fitting bikes for you. We’ll give you accurate rates for all properly fitting bikes over the phone.

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Prices start at $35 for a 24 hour rental.